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Magnesium Products

MagnesiumCell Magnesium Bath Salts

Assists in deep tissue re-mineralization through the skin, absorption of micron nutrients, micron mineralized substances and a restoration to balance at a deep core level. This produces a great increase in cell turnover, warmth, level of vital energy, aliveness and relaxation. We suggest for your greatest benefit that a minimum of six consecutive baths or footbaths be taken using a ¼ cup (4 tablespoons) of bath crystal. Afterward, use as much salt or bath as often as you feel necessary for your desired results. Everyone being different means different deficiency levels, stresses or specific concerns. Experiment for yourself and your family using intuition as your guide. Listen to your body.

Cell Magnesium Spray Oil

A liquid concentrated form of the bath crystals, this spray is effective for more localized use on any specific area of concern on the body. It offers convenience and is a handy carry-around. The greatest benefit of this oil is in the re-activation of not only the skeletal and its support system, but also in the regeneration and restoration of all tissue systems from the core of the skeletal system outward into the nervous system and the skin itself." Closely simulates the cell turnover rate of a developing fetes to the first two years of life, such that it introduces rapid healing, rapid growth, and rapid restoration to balance, akin to this level and age of the body. It re-mineralizes, re-stimulates and restores balance to the body." For optimum affect we suggest that the oil be warmed to slightly warmer than body temperature prior to application. This increases the absorption rate by four to eight times and assists in deeper penetration of the skin, cellular area, and beyond. For greater effectiveness, once the oil has been applied, we suggest a short-term external application of heat to a maximum of 15-30 minutes. In extreme cases it may be for up to one hour. We recommend a gentle heat in the form of a hot water bottle, heating pad, warming light etc.

Cell Magnesium Gel

This topically applied lotion provides cellular magnesium instantly and deeply to the cells. ReVive Gel returns the vivacious vitality of natural youth and natural aliveness to the cells themselves. It is a wonderful agent because of its pleasurable nature, ease of application and convenience for daily use. Because of its multi-faceted applications, such as shaving, shampooing, massaging, brushing teeth, and its ease of application on isolated areas of concern, it has become a favorite for many. To experiment with the value of how well this revitalizes your body, we suggest doing a whole body treatment, from the hair on your head to the soles of your feet and everywhere in-between. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes (some leave it on all day or night) then shower or bath. This one treatment alone has proven to provide more cellular magnesium than five years of oral supplementation of magnesium.

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